Intentional Parenting

“My child is an Angel”.

“Wow, lucky you, my child is a demon”.

One child can sit quietly and occupy themselves with nothing more than a marble and a piece of string, while another child with a smart phone runs crazily around the room wreaking havoc and destruction. Is this just one parent’s good fortune over the other’s misfortune?

One child is thankful and appreciative when given a birthday gift, while another child tears the gift open and casts it aside without any thank-you offered to the giver. Is this simply a personality difference?

One child receives a rejection letter from a college and deals with the disappointment properly, while another child is handed the same letter and is unable to function or handle the sad news. Is this just a difference in their basic wiring or is it more?

Westbridge Community Church invites you to go on an 12-week journey into the bible to find answers to these questions and to discover the practice of “Intentional Parenting”. In this series you will learn that the Bible offers us clear and specific instruction on raising children who grow to be healthy, capable, happy, highly esteemed members of their family, their community and their local church.

Take the time to invest in your children by listening to each message and writing down your notes on the outlines provided. It is the prayer of Westbridge Community Church that you will connect with God’s powerful truth and commit to sacrificially shepherding the ones God has entrusted to you. The endeavor will be demanding, and the effort required relentless, but the payoff,…oh the incredible payoff will transcend this world and reach into eternity.

Week 1 – Wouldn’t it be Nice
Week 2 – Getting Your Act Together
Week 3 – Going it Alone
Week 4 – Everything Needs Programming
Week 5 – The Portrait of Love
Week 6 – The Greatest Commandment, Part 1
Week 7 – The Greatest Commandment, Part 2
Week 8 – Three Pillars of Parenting
Week 9 – All I’m Askin’ for, is a Little…
Week 10 – Virtues, Part 1
Week 11 – Virtues, Part 1.5
Week 12 – Virtues, Part 2