Teaching Team

God has led Westbridge to utilize a unique and well-rounded Teaching Team. Our method allows Westbridginians to learn the Bible through seasoned Pastors and Teachers who posses varying degrees and experience, from a Master’s Degree in Divinity to Bible College students aspiring to future Shepherding roles.

Pastor Drew Clinebell is the founding Pastor of Westbridge Community Church.  He studied at Somerset Christian College and Philadelphia Biblical University. He has been a staple on the Westbridge Preaching Team since 2002.

Robert Collom attends Liberty University (pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Bible) and has served as a Teaching Elder at Westbridge for over 15 years. After a career in Information Technology for over 31 years, Robert is spearheading the administrative and logistical leadership needs at Westbridge, as well as, utilizing his profound Spiritual Gifts of preaching and teaching in Westbridge’s small groups and Saturday Night Service.

Caleb Clinebell is a Liberty University Bible student who has already earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technologies and is now pursuing a Master’s of Divinity Degree. Caleb’s wit and humor, coupled with his culturally relevant insights and ability to apply scripture to today’s technological world, make him a much needed and highly appreciated preaching force at Westbridge.

Pastor Tim Hoff is the Head Pastor at The Chapel in Washington, NJ. He has been preaching God’s Word faithfully in Warren County since finishing Seminary. Tim’s 25+ years of shepherding makes him the sage of the Preaching Team.  We are honored to have him share his Godly wisdom and Biblical insight on this leg of Westbridge’s adventure.