Westbridge Community Church

Bridging Couples

Our Bridging Couples group is geared towards couples in all stages of a relationship.  Whether dating, engaged, newlywed, or married for decades, this group is for you!  We meet with a purpose of sharing life with other couples – acknowledging and recognizing that we can support each other as we traverse the challenges of this relationship.  Together we learn about God’s plan for marriage and healthy dating relationships.  We dig into how we can practically apply His plan to this most important earthly relationship.

Bridging Couples meets once a month.  Our formal meetings are on a Friday at 7:00, corresponding with Youth Group so your children can learn while you are learning.  If your kids are not quite ready to meet with our Fuel Youth Group, childcare is also available.  Some months, we go off script to have events and outings that are family-friendly so we can continue to cultivate our family beyond the marriage relationship.  We hope you can join us; we look forward to sharing life with you.