Westbridge Community Church

Service Ministries

Westbridge happens each Saturday through God’s provisions and because of our faithful servants.  Every person, on every team, volunteers his/her time, energy, and willingness.  If you have decided it’s time to move past “consuming” and become a part of what God is doing through our church and community, please consider joining any one of our ministries. (Those with an asterisks (*) are looking for team members.)

Audio/Sound Team* – Lead by Mr. Derrick Devaney
Camera/Broadcast Team* – Led by Mr. Derrick Devaney
Children’s Ministries* – Led by Ms. Linda O’Leary
Computer/Projector Team* – Led by Mrs. Chanda Collom
Greeting Team – Led by Mrs. Chanda Collom
Helping Hands Team – Led by Mr. Derrick Devaney
Hospitality/Café Team – Led by Mrs. Christina Carruthers
Setup/Breakdown Team* – Led by Mr. Robert Collom
Spotlight Team – Led by Mr. Joe Krueger
Trailer/Pull Team – Led by Mr. Caleb Dean
Website/Social Media Team – Led by Mrs. Sarah Devaney
Worship Team (Vocal and Band)* – Led by Mrs. Kellie Clinebell